7 Yoga in Dharamsala - Reiki and Yoga Retreat

Yoga Health and Healing Retreat Dharamsala, India
Location of Retreat
:   McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala in the Himalayas
Yoga Type
:   Hatha
Retreat Type
:   Yoga
:   Mountain
Guest Suitability
:   Intensive Yoga Teacher Training (Internationally Certified)
Timing/ Duration
:   1 week retreats.
Beginning in month of June to first week of July.
Commencing weekly from June 1st to July 7th
Who should go for this package? :
This package is for those seeking a quality holistic retreat including expert yoga, meditation, Reiki and a choice of Tibetan, Thai or Ayurvedic massage.
  • Those who want to experience this in the land of positive energy, the abode of HH the Dalai Lama.
  • Those wanting to experience the grandeur of the Himalayas
  • Those wanting to experience all of the above in cooler climes.
  • All those who are looking for a break and being close to nature and the Himalayas
  • For single women travelers, as they will feel safer knowing that H&Y team is around to guide them and just a phone call away.
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Whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or a complete beginner, this package is the perfect opportunity to connect with yourself in an incredible and inspiring environment with a highly professional and experienced team.

It is a one week retreat , which is going to be held at spiritual and peaceful Himalayan location of Mcleodganj near Dharamshala - in a way the seat of Tibetan Buddhism.

The retreat is registered with Yoga Alliance International and the World Yoga Council ensuring the highest standards and practices for our students.
10% of all Reiki fees (included in package) go directly to local charities

You will have the opportunity to learn under the guidance of an International Yoga and Reiki Master. You will feel transformed, healed and rejuvenated.

You shall be practising Yoga and meditation twice daily, in our fantastic studio overlooking the mountains. Also, experience a range of healing practices such as traditional Tibetan massage and Reiki treatments.

Learn the ancient healing art of Reiki and become a level one certified Reiki practitioner.  

You shall be staying in perfectly appointed accommodation within vicinity of our centre (only a ten minute walk from the main town). It is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the spiritual and natural beauty of Mcleodganj.

What to do in free time:

For those who would like to learn more about traditional Tibetan and Ayurvedic healing and medicine there is a wide variety of reputable centres dedicated to holistic health in the area.
Visit the temple of HH the Dalai Lama.
Take a short trek in the surrounding areas or soak up the rich local arts and culture whilst sampling some of the delicious cuisine on offer.

The Package includes :
  • Two daily Yoga classes
  • Two daily Meditation sessions
  • All accommodation (clean self catering apartments or local guesthouse)
  • Daily breakfast
  • Level One, Two or Three Reiki Course with certificate
  • Two Massages (Thai, Tibetan or Ayurvedic)
In addition, we offer a bring a friend or partner at no extra accommodation cost on this retreat.

This retreat is available with both - residential and non-residential options.

7.30 To 8.15 a.m - Chanting, Meditation and Pranayama
8.15 To 8.30a.m - Herbal Tea and Juice Served
9.00 To 11.00 a.m - Hatha Yoga with the teacher
11.00 To 11.30a.m - Breakfast Served
12.00 To 3 .30 p.m - Reiki (Day 2-4) Massage (Day 5 or 6)
4.00 To 6.00 p.m - Sivananda Yoga with teacher
6.00 To 6.30 p.m - Meditation

Advice and Precautions
Do not entertain beggars and unsolicited strangers

Cancellation Terms
a) More than 30 days: 20% of tour cost
b) 15-30 days: 30% of tour cost
c) 7-15 days: 50% of tour cost
d) 2-7 days: 75% of Tour cost
e) Less than 2 days or Cancellation/changes during the tour - No Refund

Other Terms:
1) The Yoga and Ayurveda sessions shall be provided according to your body.

What to expect?
The climate here at the moment is just beautiful warm in the day and comfortable at night. The energy is great here and most people find they really don't want to leave.


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