7 Ayurveda Treatment for Chronic Health Disorders

Ayurveda Treatment for Chronic Health Disorders
Location of Retreat
:   Kottayam, Kerala, India
Retreat Type
:   Ayurvedic
:   Getaway
Guest Suitability
:   Single, Couple
Timing/ Duration
:   Flexible; Recommended 2-3 weeks depending on Health disorder
Who should go for this package? :
  • Who are troubled by their health issues and dissatisfied with conventional treatments
  • Who seek solutions where modern medicine does not seem to have an answer
  • Those seeking suitable recovery post medical procedures - such as chemotherapy, cardiac etc.
  • Who can see their individual problem as a typical case (example: unique allergies) as opposed to a broad classification which modern medicine tends to do.
  • Who are troubled with the side-effects of conventional medicine.
  • Who wish to go for a therapy that is Holistic , Safe and Compatible (with other conventional medical treatments)
  • Who wish to experience treatments in a natural & eco-friendly environment and wish to avoid the depressing hospital approach.
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Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine, having its origins in Kerala, India.

This system recognizes the imbalances in the "individual" bodies as the cause of disease.

As a result of these imbalances, we accumulate several toxins during the course of our life - both in our body &mind - due to our faulty food habits, stressful living, medical procedures and above all - living away from the principles of nature.

This further aggravates the imbalance.

Toxins are also accumulated in large quantities post conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, surgeries etc. as well as through various addictions.

These body toxins cause imbalances in our body & mind resulting in weakening of the immune system, general lack of vigor, indigestion, stress, anxiety, lethargies, back aches, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, loss of memory etc.

In Ayurveda, there is a codified system where in a periodic purification of the body and mind is carried out which corrects the body imbalances with nature, removes the accumulated toxins (thus purifying the body and mind) and then strengthens the immune system.

On undergoing such therapy, a person regains his lost vigor and good health, both physically and mentally.

The actual treatment involves isolating the toxins and redirecting them to the stomach from where they are ejected from the body.

Besides this, the treatment will open the necessary channels, bring in a rejuvenated and enhanced sense of well-being thereby increasing vitality, confidence and health.

Health Disorders where Ayurveda can make a positive difference :

Some of the ailments where Ayurvedic Panchkaram treatments have shown encouraging results include (but not limited to):

  • CARDIAC ailments /HEART Disease
  • More...
Besides these, effective relief packages for cancer, side effect of chemotherapy, urinary tract infection, joint pain, arthritis, backache, slip disc sciatica cervical pain, Spondilitis are available.

Medical Questionnaire:

If you are looking for a treatment for a specific disorder, please specify the disorder in your enquiry form. You will then be sent a medical questionnaire, which you should fill up to assess whether you can be accommodated.

Location & Venue:

The resort is situated among ideal conditions for Ayurveda in the midst of green paddy fields and swaying palms in an ideal location surrounded by an ayurvedic garden and scenic backwaters.

The resort is built with traditional wood put together in an ethnic framework which is not only unusual, but also a form of ancient style which is truly a feast for the eyes.

You are provided the opportunity to have private consultations with our doctors with consultation rooms built for this very purpose. This is the setting where the ancient Indian curative science of Ayurveda is practiced with no compromise, where traditional herbs and oils are used to cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate each and every guest.


The Resort provides accommodation, which is inviting, clean and ethnic.

The heritage styled cottages have attached bathrooms. Each of these cottages though traditional in outlook has all modern attachments like hot and cold water, dressing area, CCTV, telephone and a traditional sit-out.

Some cottages are double storeyed with a balcony facing beautiful scenic backwaters and green paddy fields with swaying natural coconut trees.

You have an accommodation choice between economy rooms, or then standard & deluxe cottages.

Adequate facilities are available at this resort. Everything is carefully planned so that our guests will look forward to coming back for more of our specialized treatment.

Facilities include:

* Spacious, well furnished cottages-A/C and Non A/C
* Running hot /cold water
* Food prepared in-house as per doctors instructions.
* WIFI - Internet cafe in the main building (50mts range)
* Telephone & fax
* Safe deposit locker
* Laundry facilities
* Library
* Full-time resident doctor
* Daytime lady doctor
* Yoga & Meditation hall
* Antique shop
* Well-stocked Pharmacy
* Exotic herbal garden

Exhaustive visitor comments, both on stay facilities as well as treatment effectiveness, speak a lot about the resort and the programs.

MY SECOND VISIT ! This is very much a home from home for me and the people who live and work here have again made me very welcome . I LOOK FORWARD TO MY THIRD VISIT !
N Maccallum, London

A wonderful place for rest and recuperation extremely helpful and friendly staff made our stay wonderful experience.
T. Brown, England

Great hospitably I am excited to being visional the resort grows and prospers.
Weiss man, USA

Thank you so much .There is absolutely unexpected good result

Following is a sample of a usual treatment program. Schedule may change according to personal requirement:

6:00 AM- Morning walk
7:15 AM - Yoga.
8:30 AM - Breakfast
9:30 AM - Ayurveda treatments
1:00 PM - Lunch followed by Relaxation
3:30 - 5:30 PM - Treatments
7:30 PM- Dinner

Package Cost Includes:

Pickup from Kochi (Cochin) Airport upon Arrival
Transfer to Resort & Stay
All meals (Ayurvedic) as per program set
All Ayurvedic Treatments & Yoga
Return Drop to Kochi Airport for flight back home.

Package does not include:

1) Any meals other than those mentioned above.
2) Any portage at Airport and Hotels tips, Laundry, Mineral water, Telephone charges and all items of personal nature and meals and drinks not specified in the inclusions.
3) Any services not specifically mentioned in the inclusions.
4) Parking Charges, Interstate Taxes & Entrances to the park, monuments, Guide charges
5) Any increase in taxes or fuel, leading to increase in surface transportation and land arrangements, which may come into effect prior to departure.

Cancellation Terms
Amount forfeited upon cancellation:
a) More than 30 days before start of trip: 15%
b) From 20 -30 days: 50%
c) From 10-20 days: 75%
d) Less than 10 days or Cancellation/changes during the tour - No Refund

What to expect?
Authentic Ayurveda treatments amidst scenic and relaxing settings

~You need a VISA to travel into India. Please enquire with the VISA authorities in your country for more information.


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