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Anti Colic Suction Weight Straw

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  • Best anti leak suction facilitating mechanism weight straw; allows smooth flow of milk only when sucked; prevents air to get in the mouth of the baby- no air swallowing or feeding problems; made from food grade silicone - safe, durable and elastic.
  • Partial pressure automatic PC plastic weight ball attached on one end of the straw; 360 degree babies self feeding- horizontal reclining or upright sitting position.
  • Strategically designed adaptor/valve with double air vent- prevents air to enter or trap in the bottle; holds the straw in the bottle by connecting it to the nipple (nipple not provided).
  • Hygienic Cleaning stick 13.4 cm long provided- helps clean food build inside the tube and weight ball; nylon bristle tip - 2.2 cm attached to rust free and stainless wire; handle made of polypropylene plastic.
  • Safe product completely PVC, BPA, phthalate and lead free with all detachable parts; suggested for babies above 4 months; Straw length- 14 cm; adaptor /valve available in two sizes- regular 3.5 cm and wide 5 cm.
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Milk feeding is very important for the babies; keeping this in mind we have made it easier for all who are enjoying parenthood through this non toxic and 100% safe weight straw. This toddler straw has been made from high food silicone giving it durability and flexibility. This anti leak suction facilitating mechanism ensures smooth flow of the liquid only when the baby sucks it. It prevents air from entering into the babies’ mouth and eliminates air bubbles from the milk or any formula reducing feeding problems like gas, burping, colic and spit-up. The Straw has been provided with an adaptor that holds the straw in the bottle and connects it to the nipple of the feeding bottle (nipple not provided in this pack). This strategically designed adaptor/valve with double air vent prevents air to enter or trap in the bottle while feeding. The straw has a PC plastic weight ball (BPA free) attached to one of its end (can be detached) that allows baby to self feed at 360 degree. Irrespective of the babies position whether it is upright sitting or horizontal reclining this automatic PP gravity ball helps them to enjoy their feeding without any problem. An air vent on the bottom of the ball has been provided to ensure proper cleaning and it can be easily done by the 13.4 cm cleaning stick provided with this product.

The 2.2 cm nylon bristle tip attached to stainless and rust free wire clears any food build-up inside the tube. The handle of the straw as well as the complete product is completely PVC, BPA, phthalate and lead free ensuring the safety of your young ones. Two sizes of the adaptor /valve are available - for smaller and larger bottles; small 3.5 cm diameter and large 5 cm diameter with straw length- 14 cm. Suggested for babies above 4 months.

Available in two sizes

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