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FootEase Kansa Vatki

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  • MASSAGE TOOL BASED ON AYURVEDA - Vatki is a metallic Bronze Bowl with rough surface used to massage the feet. Designed as per the ancient Ayurvedic healing principles. Bowl is robust and made of lead-free alloy of copper & tin. Both metals have natural healing properties that benefit the body.
  • SOOTHES NERVES AND RELAXES WHOLE BODY- When the feet are massaged with Vatki, one is able to activate the marma points on the feet. Marma points are the places where there are nerves coming from the internal organs end. Hence massaging the marma points stimulates the entire internal body and aids in toxin removal.
  • EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE – Vatki is compact. It provides a comfortable grip and makes foot massage for yourself or someone else very effortless. Best manual massage tool safe for all skin types. Kansa Vatki Massage should preferably be done before bed for a relaxed sleep.
  • NATURALLY FLAMED AND GENTLY ROUGHENED – Outer surface of the Vatki dome is naturally roughened for enhanced stimulation during massage without abrasion or skin damage. This helps in maximizing the detoxification and removal of ama through the foot sole.
  • FOR THERAPISTS, PEDICURISTS, MASSEURS, SPAS AND SELF USE- Provides gentle and effective pressure on the ankles and soles of the feet. Simple circular motions on the feet eases leg pain and relaxes the body without much effort. Use any oil or clarified butter of your choice. During the foot massage, people with higher ama (toxin) build-up will find the oil darkening in color.
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FootEase Bronze Kansa Vatki is an ancient Ayurvedic massage tool to restore body’s balance by massaging the feet.


Kansa Vatki Massage (Padabhyanga) - It is an Ayurvedic ritual that has been used for ages to treat various ailments. Feet have the nerve endings of the internal organs, so any stimulation or massage on the feet directly affects the internal body. Vatki Foot Massage is done by applying oil on the feet and by doing circular motions with the Vatki. It stimulates the Marma (vital) points on the feet to get the stagnant energy moving and leads to removal of toxins through the feet. Vatki massage improves blood circulation, relaxes the nerves and opens up blocked energy channels. It further helps in managing insomnia, fatigue, and cramps.


Health And Yoga's FootEase Bronze Kansa Vatki is made of pure bronze (free from lead). Bronze is an alloy of copper (85-95%) and tin (15-5%). The copper component of the bronze has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and pain, and it also helps in improving levels of hemoglobin. The tin component helps manage headaches, insomnia, depression, moodiness, and fatigue. The Vatki has a flamed rough surface to impact the feet's tough skin. It provides more friction for feet smoothening and deeper detox.


FootEase Kansa Vatki is compact and provides a firm grip. It is easy to use for self-massage as well as a great tool for therapists. Gives effective results.


Regular Vatki Massage has lots of benefits for the body. It stimulates the vital energy channels of the body, improves immunity and benefits the internal organs. In people who have an overload of toxins in the body, Kansa Vatki Massage is very helpful, as it builds up heat and pulls out the acidity (toxins) from the body tissues through the feet. It may even turn the oil black, indicating the elimination of toxins during oil massage. Bronze being a good conductor of heat, helps to revitalize the body's energy channels. Helps to balance Doshas.

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  • Color and Shine Finish may vary slightly due to the baking process.
  • Does not rust easily. Lustrous golden color.
  • Use with Coconut oil, olive oil, or any oil or cream of your choice.
  • FootEase Bronze Kansa Vatki with Wooden Handle also available.
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  • 11/6/2020 4:33:24 PM

    Bangalore , India

    The product quality is really good. Happy, that they all came in individual bags of right sizes, which makes it all worth the money.

    Really impressed with vaijayanti mala.

    4/5 for quartz malas because I felt the beads could have been slightly bigger. But, short is cute and the quality of beads is really good. So, no complaints at all. The diamond cut is really something I like.

    Delivery was fast and within time.

    If you can make more innovative stylish affordable bracelets/pendants out of any of these. It would be great.

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